Imperfect Minds Of a Blonde

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FINALLY got a date for the upcoming art exhibition !

“Imperfect Minds Of a Blonde”- Art exhibition. Paintings and drawings by Malin Lind and Hanna Stolpe.
Where: Obaren (Stureplan 2 – 11137 Stockholm)
When: May 28-29th, Time: 13.00 -15.00 ( both days)
Welcome !

“Imperfect Minds Of a Blonde”- konst av Malin Lind och Hanna Stolpe
Akryl, oljefärg, tursch, mixed media etc etc.
När: Den 28/5 & 29/5 mellan kl 13.00 -15.00
Var: Obaren (Stureplan 2 – 11137 Stockholm)
Välkomna !


My Art-diary

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You could almost see these scribbles as entries from my own personal diary. This is scars from periods of obsessive drawing. It’s irony, anger, anxiety, hate, happiness, love,  memories and ideas “written down” for later projects. I share a few of my scribbles with you all- No perfection, what you see is what you get.

This is me, naked.


The Emotionalist

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 The Emotionalist
Poems by Hilde Marie Grensbraaten

Finally the book is out for sale! Find more information about how to order it here

I strongly recommend you to read these intense and beautiful poems! When I was commissioned to illustrate some of Hilde’s works, I also had the great opportunity to handpick the poems by myself. This made this project extremely interesting for me. I could express myself through art, without any “rules” for what it had to end up like.

This is one of the illustrations I did for a poem called “Love Conquers Time”  

Until death tears us apart

 (Mix of inspiration from the poem and from a sculpture by Gustav Vigeland)


A sneak peek inside “The Emotionalist”.

See more of my illustrations and enjoy reading these beautiful poems;

order the book here! 



Welcome 2010!

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New year, new challenges and new projects!

While the snow continue to fall outside my window, I am struck by the realization that we have just stepped into a new year! But to me, the whole symbolic idea with new years,a chance to start over again, rebirth, is not as important as it’s been before.
And I have not made a single new year’s resolution, (which I usually do every year). For the first time in my whole life; I already know what I want and what my goals are. My rebirth already happend, and all I need to do now, is continue to fight…

“My Rebirth” – mixed media on paper

Upcoming: I look forward to seeing the final outcome of the poetry book, “The Emotionalist” by HildeMarie. I was asked to do some of the illustrations in it, and I’m happy I got this chanse to be a part of it! All my illustrations are my personal interpretations of Hildes poems.

Read more about “The Emotionalist”, and where to order your book, right here
…and you can also become a fan of the book at facebook !

“The Emotionalist” will be out in January 2010 and is the authors first book. A collection of dark poetry; texts dealing with love, life, hope, fear and generally written to make YOU feel…”

   “Please read with the mind of a child-like adult unwrapping a special present…because “The Emotionalist” is.”
 – VicToria Freudiger

The latest project has come to it’s end!

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Now  my work with Hildes book of poetry has come to it’s end! I had an amazing time illustrating it togheter with Lola (incredibly tallented artist, check out her artwork here!)

I’m so grateful for this chance to be a part of this book. Both Hilde and Lola did such a good work with it and I’m sure you all will love it!

As soon it is released I will put up information about how you order it !

Some of my illustrations from the book will be uploaded when the book has been released.