Used up

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Hands slowly grab
                                                     Pleasure our pain
then stroke your used up

“Used up”
(liquid ink on paper)



Creation of life

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~I find full satisfaction in my ability to create pure darkness.

  Watch the smoky liquid cover up the emptiness
– which every firm consistency is made of.

  It is my way to describe creation of life.


The Emotionalist

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 The Emotionalist
Poems by Hilde Marie Grensbraaten

Finally the book is out for sale! Find more information about how to order it here

I strongly recommend you to read these intense and beautiful poems! When I was commissioned to illustrate some of Hilde’s works, I also had the great opportunity to handpick the poems by myself. This made this project extremely interesting for me. I could express myself through art, without any “rules” for what it had to end up like.

This is one of the illustrations I did for a poem called “Love Conquers Time”  

Until death tears us apart

 (Mix of inspiration from the poem and from a sculpture by Gustav Vigeland)


A sneak peek inside “The Emotionalist”.

See more of my illustrations and enjoy reading these beautiful poems;

order the book here! 



Witless Little Toy

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Witless Little Toy

Dearest Toy of Tragedy: You are no longer meant for me.
Rub away the loathing, folded over your sight.
Wash away what happened, that
 Remarkable winter night.

A landscape slowly rose; harsh with ups and downs.
Ominous-looking mountains, was built high
Above the sky.

So rubber-gloved hands of pity, gently filled up the holes.
All for their chance to see this;
The sight of a used up Toy.

Stitched up. Sterilized. Suddenly, paralyzed.

Foolish little toy, how could you not see?
They are salaried souls; they just take
 What they need.

So now open your eyes, O you Witless Little Toy.
Don’t ever let them drain you,
Do not give them that joy!


Important words of nothingness

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Important words of nothingness  

As the newborn sun, rise above the borderline
Divided and between truth
and pathetic Lies
I see these fingers, red and shaky
I want to know, baby you taste
So tasteless
My madness shocked, a smile on tired lips
Cover itself until it’s nothing but a face
Of this ironic oblivion
I drank what was not yet mine to taste
O the skin, such a silly grin and its
Big holes of reality

We both stopped laugh when the iron fell
And as the concrete took my fall
The last thought, I showed you all

Tourniquets, desperatly tried to cover up the gap
mocked by the weak, crawling
can’t see

Drenched white teeth and my baby can tell
You are the birth of laughter
and a hole in my hell