Thank you !

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A very BIG (late) Thank you! to all the people who showed up at the exhibition “Imperfect Minds Of A Blonde”. I hade a blast and I hope the rest of you enjoyed it too! Thank you!


There are still art prints left for sale!
I will be gone for a few weeks but feel free to contact me if you are interested, and I will post them as soon as I’m back again!


Imperfect Minds Of a Blonde

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FINALLY got a date for the upcoming art exhibition !

“Imperfect Minds Of a Blonde”- Art exhibition. Paintings and drawings by Malin Lind and Hanna Stolpe.
Where: Obaren (Stureplan 2 – 11137 Stockholm)
When: May 28-29th, Time: 13.00 -15.00 ( both days)
Welcome !

“Imperfect Minds Of a Blonde”- konst av Malin Lind och Hanna Stolpe
Akryl, oljefärg, tursch, mixed media etc etc.
När: Den 28/5 & 29/5 mellan kl 13.00 -15.00
Var: Obaren (Stureplan 2 – 11137 Stockholm)
Välkomna !

Two thousand and eleven

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I have not been so active on the blog lately. But there is actually an acceptable reason for it !
I have chosen to keep some of my works to myself since I plan to put them out on an exhibition at some point this year.  Ofcours, I will still upload my art as normal, but some of them will have to be hold hidden by now 😉

More info will be announced later on.

Last drawing of the year 2010 shared on this blog 

Happy new year!

 “One is never so dangerous when one has no shame, than when one has grown too old to blush.”
-Marquis De Sade-


My Art-diary

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You could almost see these scribbles as entries from my own personal diary. This is scars from periods of obsessive drawing. It’s irony, anger, anxiety, hate, happiness, love,  memories and ideas “written down” for later projects. I share a few of my scribbles with you all- No perfection, what you see is what you get.

This is me, naked.


Art therapy


I’ve been busy lately, or well, at least in my head.  Creativity is blocked by all the thoughts and I need to let go of them. My way to do that, is to paint and draw, which I can’t (or can I?). Anyway, creativity and energy will come back again, I know it will.

In todays post, I want to share some random thoughts about art therapy.

To start with, art therapy is basically about expressing yourself through art. Painting, drawing, sculpturing- it is all creative things made by you, it’s a part of you.
You do this together with an art therapist who doesn’t judge or correct you during the process. It has nothing to do with learning “how to draw” etc. Esthetic and teqnuice is not what is important. Even a “simple” line can tell you so much, but  you have to open your eyes before you can see. And it is NOT easy!

Art therapy is a way to express your feelings, deal with a special problem but it also work as a guide. It can tell you where you are in this very moment of your life.

I have now been in art therapy for almost 3 1/2 years. It took about 2 1/2 years for me to fully open my mind and see new things inside of myself. In my opinion; this form or therapy is the most effective way to express what can not be said.

Together with my therapist, we talk around the image. She never put words in my mouth, telling “this is a common symbol for this or that” NEVER. She is extremely careful with that. It’s up to me to find it and she is there to support and to help me handle it. Symbolism is a huge part of art therapy, but the therapists’ work is not to analyze your painting.

Sometimes it feels like you are taking out, for example, a feeling- like anxiety- and put it on a paper. It is frightening to see. You ask yourself, what can I do to handle this feeling, this image?
I am inside the painting, I feel the anxiety and now I want to get rid of it, and I can change my painting. Symbolically, I can also change my whole situation. I make the picture more comfortable to be in.

 Everyday is a fight which I cannot always win. But I will continue the struggle, and it is all because I keep evolve during the time.


I finnish my therpy at the end of 2010. Maybe I will put out some of the stuff I have done, or at least talk around them here on the blog. We will see how much I’m ready to actually share with others.

den här sidan!

För mina svenska läsare som är intresserade av bildterapi och vill läsa mer om det, kolla in

The Emotionalist

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 The Emotionalist
Poems by Hilde Marie Grensbraaten

Finally the book is out for sale! Find more information about how to order it here

I strongly recommend you to read these intense and beautiful poems! When I was commissioned to illustrate some of Hilde’s works, I also had the great opportunity to handpick the poems by myself. This made this project extremely interesting for me. I could express myself through art, without any “rules” for what it had to end up like.

This is one of the illustrations I did for a poem called “Love Conquers Time”  

Until death tears us apart

 (Mix of inspiration from the poem and from a sculpture by Gustav Vigeland)


A sneak peek inside “The Emotionalist”.

See more of my illustrations and enjoy reading these beautiful poems;

order the book here! 



Witless Little Toy

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Witless Little Toy

Dearest Toy of Tragedy: You are no longer meant for me.
Rub away the loathing, folded over your sight.
Wash away what happened, that
 Remarkable winter night.

A landscape slowly rose; harsh with ups and downs.
Ominous-looking mountains, was built high
Above the sky.

So rubber-gloved hands of pity, gently filled up the holes.
All for their chance to see this;
The sight of a used up Toy.

Stitched up. Sterilized. Suddenly, paralyzed.

Foolish little toy, how could you not see?
They are salaried souls; they just take
 What they need.

So now open your eyes, O you Witless Little Toy.
Don’t ever let them drain you,
Do not give them that joy!


Important words of nothingness

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Important words of nothingness  

As the newborn sun, rise above the borderline
Divided and between truth
and pathetic Lies
I see these fingers, red and shaky
I want to know, baby you taste
So tasteless
My madness shocked, a smile on tired lips
Cover itself until it’s nothing but a face
Of this ironic oblivion
I drank what was not yet mine to taste
O the skin, such a silly grin and its
Big holes of reality

We both stopped laugh when the iron fell
And as the concrete took my fall
The last thought, I showed you all

Tourniquets, desperatly tried to cover up the gap
mocked by the weak, crawling
can’t see

Drenched white teeth and my baby can tell
You are the birth of laughter
and a hole in my hell

TWLOHA: Suicide prevention

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Listen up people!

Depression, anxiety issues, self injury, suicide. We have all heard about it, but do we care enough to actually try help?

 To Write Love on Her Arms
This great organisation, “To write love on her arms” (TWLOHA), is an initiative taken by a group of people in US. Their first goal is to spread the word, open peoples eyes for the problem, and to help others to seek the help they need.

TWLOHA is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.

 Help TWLOHA to win $1 million for suicide prevention! Vote now!


About e-mail!


Hi out there!

Just want to  tell people who send me e-mail that I wont open any mail without “subject”. If you email me, please write a subject so I know it’s related to my art!

And I also want to say that I appreciate all the people that keep follow my blog! It means so much to me !

Right now I’m working on some” mixed media” paintings, including acrylic, black and pigmented ink, watercolor, pastels etc. I love to mix them all together to see what will happen, it’s like a small adventure if you actually try to appreciate the small things in life ^^

More to come! Take care people!