Eat my censorship

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Eat my censorship
ink on paper


One thought on “Eat my censorship

  1. Eat My Censorship

    So, I’m not perfect,
    you throw it back
    in my face.
    How I don’t belong,
    how there’s no place
    for the likes of me.
    The original package,
    it’s getting old.
    You demand change,
    censorship falling heavily.
    My body faltering
    under the added weight
    of your words,
    of the ways the universe
    sets a standard.
    This is how
    I’m supposed to be,
    I’m presented with a picture.
    We should all fit
    the pre-set shape.
    On the outside.
    I’m the outcast,
    In your eyes,
    like the thistle
    crowding a bed of roses.
    Standing out,
    standing tall and strong,
    proudly, silently smiling.
    A “Mona Lisa smile”.
    Even as the roses fade,
    I’m there,¨
    making sure you eat
    your words,
    watching you crumble,
    as I look ahead
    into the truth.
    So, I’m not perfect,
    but at least I’m real…

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