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This is one of the illustrations I did for a poem called “Wild birds fly”
It’s published in the book The Emotionalist by Hilde M. Grensbråten (who is the author of all these beautiful poems!)


“War” – ink on paper 



Free as a bird (still falls to the ground)

All art, Mixed media, Watercolor

Free as a bird (still falls to the ground)- liquid ink on paper



Fatten up your ego


Fatten up your ego, it dosen’t matter 
– I will eat you anyway –


The Emotionalist

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 The Emotionalist
Poems by Hilde Marie Grensbraaten

Finally the book is out for sale! Find more information about how to order it here

I strongly recommend you to read these intense and beautiful poems! When I was commissioned to illustrate some of Hilde’s works, I also had the great opportunity to handpick the poems by myself. This made this project extremely interesting for me. I could express myself through art, without any “rules” for what it had to end up like.

This is one of the illustrations I did for a poem called “Love Conquers Time”  

Until death tears us apart

 (Mix of inspiration from the poem and from a sculpture by Gustav Vigeland)


A sneak peek inside “The Emotionalist”.

See more of my illustrations and enjoy reading these beautiful poems;

order the book here!