Important words of nothingness

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Important words of nothingness  

As the newborn sun, rise above the borderline
Divided and between truth
and pathetic Lies
I see these fingers, red and shaky
I want to know, baby you taste
So tasteless
My madness shocked, a smile on tired lips
Cover itself until it’s nothing but a face
Of this ironic oblivion
I drank what was not yet mine to taste
O the skin, such a silly grin and its
Big holes of reality

We both stopped laugh when the iron fell
And as the concrete took my fall
The last thought, I showed you all

Tourniquets, desperatly tried to cover up the gap
mocked by the weak, crawling
can’t see

Drenched white teeth and my baby can tell
You are the birth of laughter
and a hole in my hell

One thought on “Important words of nothingness

  1. WOW is there anything you CAN’T do, love? The words are screaming at me, demanding my attention and pulling me into this raw and naked emotion…It’s intense and very powerful and it’s impossible to remain untouched, excellent!

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