Welcome 2010!

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New year, new challenges and new projects!

While the snow continue to fall outside my window, I am struck by the realization that we have just stepped into a new year! But to me, the whole symbolic idea with new years,a chance to start over again, rebirth, is not as important as it’s been before.
And I have not made a single new year’s resolution, (which I usually do every year). For the first time in my whole life; I already know what I want and what my goals are. My rebirth already happend, and all I need to do now, is continue to fight…

“My Rebirth” – mixed media on paper

Upcoming: I look forward to seeing the final outcome of the poetry book, “The Emotionalist” by HildeMarie. I was asked to do some of the illustrations in it, and I’m happy I got this chanse to be a part of it! All my illustrations are my personal interpretations of Hildes poems.

Read more about “The Emotionalist”, and where to order your book, right here
…and you can also become a fan of the book at facebook !

“The Emotionalist” will be out in January 2010 and is the authors first book. A collection of dark poetry; texts dealing with love, life, hope, fear and generally written to make YOU feel…”

   “Please read with the mind of a child-like adult unwrapping a special present…because “The Emotionalist” is.”
 – VicToria Freudiger

One thought on “Welcome 2010!

  1. Sweetie, your “Rebirth” is amazing! And I’m so happy that you are finally starting to accept how amazing YOU are. Things are looking up for you and you deserve every bit of it and more!

    Thanks for the promo for the book! Your illustrations added a special dimension to it, to see how you interpreted my words was like reading them all over again and having them mean so much more. I really hope we can work together again, because you GET me, you really do!

    Love you! My wonderful “Swedish Fish”

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