The simple life of Santa

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“The simple life of Santa”
Mixed media on paper

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Do you know Saint Lucia?

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Do you know Saint Lucia?
Mixed media on paper

Lucia wanted to dedicate her life to God

Legends and tales about Lucia date back to Classical antiquity and the city of Syracuse in 283 AD. That was when Lucia was born into a wealthy noble family. Her father was of Roman extraction, but he died young, and Lucia was brought up by her mother, Euthycia. The name of Lucia’s mother indicates a Greek origin. Lucia wanted to remain a virgin and dedicate her life to serving God. Her mother had been suffering from a serious illness for many years, and she was persuaded to participate in a pilgrimage to Catania, where Saint Agatha was buried. The pilgrimage and visit to Saint Agatha’s grave cured her, and, for the joy of getting well, Euthycia allowed Lucia to donate her dowry to the poor.

Lucia was rewarded for her faith

According to the custom of the day, Lucia had been promised as a bride to a local man. Her fiancé felt cheated for losing the expected dowry. He now realised that Lucia was a Christian. At that time the Roman emperors persecuted Christians, and he reported her to the authorities. Legend tells us that Lucia blinded herself in the belief that it was her beautiful eyes that had made her deceitful fiancé take interest in her. God rewarded Lucia’s faith by immediately restoring her eyes.