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Who killed the Christmas goat?

“Julbocken” will be available to buy as christmas card



The thread of life and death

Acrylic, All art, Ink, Mixed media

The thread of life and death“The thread of life and death”
Ink and acrylic on canvas

I am having problems with my camera so I use my cellphone for the moment (high quality, not really). Will take better pictures when the camera is fixed!


About e-mail!


Hi out there!

Just want to  tell people who send me e-mail that I wont open any mail without “subject”. If you email me, please write a subject so I know it’s related to my art!

And I also want to say that I appreciate all the people that keep follow my blog! It means so much to me !

Right now I’m working on some” mixed media” paintings, including acrylic, black and pigmented ink, watercolor, pastels etc. I love to mix them all together to see what will happen, it’s like a small adventure if you actually try to appreciate the small things in life ^^

More to come! Take care people!