The Urge

All art, Ink

Sometimes it’s the urge to create, that controls your brain
Sometimes to the very limit of what you can handle.The UrgeI’m stuck right now. Inside. You can read me.


Accept failure…

All art, Ink

Fail,your loverDo you ever have these days when you just can’t draw, paint or create anything at all? Now matter how much you work at a picture you just don’t seem to find that final touche that makes you happy. It is as if the brain strikes and forget just EVERYTHING about it! Black out. I hate these days !!

So to put up this drawing on the blogg is a test for me, to allow myself publish something I reeeally don’t like…*breathe in, breathe out*

Fail, your lover- Ink, acrylic and watercolor

Be the one I love (be my failed lover tonight).


All art

Finally got the scanner!
Here are a few more of my works. Alot more to come, but as I said before…always a start!

Was asked to do some illustrations for a calendar. Here they are, two for easter and one for christmas.

In the forestOnce upon a time, there was a  giant creature living in the forest. Did you know that every forest are shaped like a circle? And so it happend, that this mysterious creature suddenlyfound the corner of this circle as he walked among the trees.
They told him to stay and so he did.