Accept failure…

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Fail,your loverDo you ever have these days when you just can’t draw, paint or create anything at all? Now matter how much you work at a picture you just don’t seem to find that final touche that makes you happy. It is as if the brain strikes and forget just EVERYTHING about it! Black out. I hate these days !!

So to put up this drawing on the blogg is a test for me, to allow myself publish something I reeeally don’t like…*breathe in, breathe out*

Fail, your lover- Ink, acrylic and watercolor

Be the one I love (be my failed lover tonight).


All art

Finally got the scanner!
Here are a few more of my works. Alot more to come, but as I said before…always a start!

Was asked to do some illustrations for a calendar. Here they are, two for easter and one for christmas.

In the forestOnce upon a time, there was a  giant creature living in the forest. Did you know that every forest are shaped like a circle? And so it happend, that this mysterious creature suddenlyfound the corner of this circle as he walked among the trees.
They told him to stay and so he did.